Training van 8 december t/m 15 december 2007

Vanaf zaterdag 8 december t/m zaterdag 15 december verblijft de B-ploeg van de Bedrijfsbrandweer van Dow Benelux in Texas om deel te nemen aan een industrieele brandweertraining op het trainingscentrum van TEEX in College Station.

Map Texas

Hieronder zullen de verrichtingen gedurende het verblijf weergegeven worden voor de collega's en familie.


TEEX Fire Services

Brayton Fire Training Field
Fast Facts
Established in 1931
Largest live-fueled firefighter training facility in the world
132 training stations
22 live-fueled fire props
More than 45,000 emergency responders trained annually
Students from all 50 states and more than 45 countries
Training that’s realistic, large-scale and hands-on,and not to mention exciting. You’ll find it all at the Texas Engineering Extension Service’s Brayton Fire Training Field in College Station, Texas. spacer graphic
The 120-acre Brayton Fire Training Field in College Station is the largest in the United States and includes full-scale buildings, towers, tanks, industrial plant structures and a ship that are used during life-like training simulations. Other training aids are used for classes in high-rise rescue, aircraft firefighting, passenger train emergency response, structural collapse/heavy rescue and other mass-casualty emergencies.
TEEX Brayton Fire Training Field






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