Lake Jackson Fire Department

Na de training te TEEX zullen we op de terugreis nog een bezoek brengen aan Lake Jackson Fire Department. Onze gastheer tijdens dit bezoek is Billy Yates; hij heeft een korte verwelkoming gestuurd.

Freeport embleem-kleinPierre and crew,  we are looking forward to your visit to Lake Jackson on December 14th.  We will make a visit to Lake Jackson Fire Station 1.  I hope all is well with the group and I hope you enjoy your training at TEEX, I'm sure it will be good. I look forward to meeting new friends, and seeing the ones we have met before.  It is set up with Chief Harper for you to stay at the fire station when you get to Lake Jackson.  We will have a shirt for each of you. 

Have a safe trip and I will see you when you arrive,
Best regards,

Billy T. Yates
Emergency Services & Security /Environmental E/R 
Billy Yates


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